Breast Icing


Cryotherapy Kit for Breast Surgery

This medical device must be used according to the medical prescription of your doctor or according to the recommendations for use of your duly authorized health professional (pharmacist, physiotherapist, orthotist, etc.).

Composition of the box: 2 cold packs (left and right breast), 1 back strap, 1 extension.

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

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Uni or bilateral breast surgery, reduction, augmentation (prostheses and/or fat), reconstruction (with the exception of free flaps such as Diep, Gracilis, Pap) and after partial (lumpectomy) or total (mastectomy) removal , pedunculated flaps. Mastodynia on fibrocystic mastosis and or pre-menstrual, breast engorgement, breast infections (in addition to the usual antibiotic and local treatment). Gynecomastia surgery with or without peripheral liposuction.


Cold packs are hand washable with mild soap. Do not heat or warm cold packs. Do not machine wash and never use bleach. Do not immerse in a bath disinfectant detergent. If necessary, spray a disinfectant solution (ANIOS disinfectant detergent for high surfaces). Leave to dry flat in the open air.